4 Cheon Gi’s Heroic Actions in Protecting Ha Ram in the Drama ‘Lovers of The Red Sky’


The drama ‘Lovers of The Red Sky‘ has entered its final week.


Today the drama ‘Lovers of The Red Sky‘ episode 15 is also a hot topic of discussion among Korean drama lovers, until it becomes a trending topic throughout the afternoon and evening.

One of the keywords that also attracts attention and is included in today’s trending topic is Ha Ram.

Told in the drama ‘Lovers of the Red Sky‘ which airs every Monday and Tuesday on Viu, since childhood Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Hong Cheon Gi (Kim Yoo Jung) seemed to have a bond of destiny that was not easily understood by others.

Not surprisingly, if they then try to protect each other in their own way. Not only protect physically, but also take care of each other’s heart and feelings.

Ha Ram can suddenly come to Cheon Gi’s side to help him in any way. Starting from repelling criminals, to guarding his heart as best as possible. But, Cheon Gi also has the same role. He did many things to protect Ha Ram.

Here are 4 things that Cheon Gi did to protect Ha Ram:

1. Ban Yangmyeong from meeting Ha Ram

When Ha Ram disappears in the forest, Prince Yangmyeong (Gong Myung) is ordered by his father to find him. His search culminates in the dye house. He saw Cheon Gi in front of the house and was immediately captivated. He politely asked if she had seen the person he was looking for. Actually Cheon Gi can guess who is meant. But, because he didn’t know who the man in front of him was, he said he didn’t know.

Not satisfied with Cheon Gi’s answer, the Prince insists on looking into the house. However, Cheon Gi bravely blocks him. I was so annoyed, the Prince challenged, “Don’t you know who I am?” Yes, since in the old days there was no social media and no camera phone, it’s not surprising that Cheon Gi doesn’t know who he is. Even though he has explained who he is, Cheon Gi doesn’t believe the Prince’s words.

But, whoever he is, it seems that Cheon Gi doesn’t care. The goal is to keep Ha Ram safe from unknown people who are potentially malicious to her.

2. Blocking the guards who will arrest Ha Ram

When Ha Ram and Cheon Gi were spending time alone by the river while painting Ha Ram, suddenly Prince Yangmyeong came with his troops. Ha Ram is about to be arrested for allegedly being involved in the murder of several palace guards on Mount Inwang, which took place on the night the demons took possession of Ha Ram.

The two people who were in love were very shocked, could not believe what the Prince had said. However, this time the Prince’s order could not be denied. He immediately ordered his armed forces to arrest Ha Ram.

Not willing Ha Ram to be arrested, Cheon Gi stepped forward and stood in front of Ha Ram while spreading his arms, protecting the man he loved. He begged the Prince not to arrest Ha Ram, as he believed this was all a misunderstanding. Prince tells him to back off, but Cheon Gi insists he doesn’t want to. The palace armed forces keep advancing and will get rid of Cheon Gi who is in their way.

3. Sacrifice yourself making a painting

Since Cheon Gi is a special painter, only he is currently able to recover the portrait of King Yeongjong, which will later be used to seal the demon in Ha Ram’s body. Many say that he will most likely go crazy like his father, after making the painting. However, he had seen for himself how the demon ‘tortured’ Ha Ram when he woke up, and endangered the safety of many people. So, he was determined to continue the painting, for the safety of his lover.

Ha Ram also forbade him to continue painting the King, not wanting the girl to sacrifice herself for him. However, since Cheon Gi knows that the demon could endanger Ha Ram’s life, he insists on painting the king’s portrait quickly. He is willing to lose his memory so that Ha Ram is free from the devil. Even if later he can no longer remember Ha Ram, Cheon Gi has given up. Although, it was Ha Ram who was not willing.

4. Disobeying Prince Yangmyeong’s request

When the demon sealing ceremony is about to be held, Prince Yangmyeong gives a message to Cheon Gi and makes him promise to stay in the room for his safety. However, when the ceremony fails and a loud noise comes from outside, Cheon Gi can’t help himself. He ran out, though forbidden by two friends who were guarding him.

Cheon GI sees his divine painting torn apart and Ha Ram is being possessed by demons. Immediately he ran to Ha Ram and called out to him. At that time, Ha Ram seemed to have two personalities that he could display at once, namely as a devil and as Ha Ram who was known to Cheon Gi. As Ha Ram, he can recognize Cheon Gi, and asks him to stay away immediately. But, Cheon Gi doesn’t want to. He was sure he could completely bring Ha Ram back to her senses. Because, behind the demon’s shining eyes direction, he saw Ha Ram’s fragile eyes.

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