4 apps to buy cheap clothes on your mobile these Sales


Searching for deals on any given day during the week is something that can be done easily online today with discount apps and blogs that run year-round. But doing it starting this week, with the 2020 Sales starting, can be a risky exercise for mental health. And we are in the first big shopping event of the year, which can be crazy with offers everywhere.

What if instead of seeing all of them we just take a look at the best deals of the day at all times? What if instead of looking for them, they came to us in the form of an alert on our mobile? Here are several apps to search for Clothes and accessories:


The app of a website well known to fans of online shopping, Showroomprive combines fashion, beauty and lifestyle with clothing, jewelry, cosmetic and even gastronomic products in a service that allows you to pay through the app and offers discounts of up to 70% throughout the year, not only at specific times of the year, as well as some exclusively for your mobile application. And to begin with, a € 10 gift for any first order over € 40 of purchase. It is available on Android and for the iPhone.


Of German origin, this application allows us to buy the latest trends for women, men and children from 1,500 quality brands from 15 European countries. But the best thing it has is its visual search algorithm, since if we see a suit, set or garment that we like, we only have to take a photo of it and the app will search similar results in shape, design and style, from formal garments for an event from gala to urban fashion and outfit for runners.

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And the same if we are in a store, since we can use the barcode reader in the app and have Zalando look to see if it is cheaper online. It is available on Android and for the iPhone.


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