4 Amazing Features Of Philips Ambilight TVs


Philips: The TV market evolves with each generation, and innovative trends are offered for consumers to enjoy an even more immersive experience. One of the hottest novelties in this segment is the Ambilight technology, patented by Philips and delivered in some branded TVs.

What is and how does Ambilight technology work? And what other benefits can Philips TVs offer consumers? Read on to learn about four amazing features of Philips Ambilight TVs and understand what makes them different.

What is Ambilight technology?

The Ambilight system uses LEDs installed in the TV to provide an immersive experience. These light sources are positioned on the sides, top and especially the back of the TV (hidden from the front view).

The technology is able to identify the colors displayed in the images being broadcast on TV and copy this scheme to the LEDs. As a result, one has the impression that the environment changes according to the scene shown, increasing the feeling of immersion in movies, series and games.

The Ambilight technology LED system is exclusive to Philips brand televisions.

Now that we understand what Ambilight technology is and how it works, it’s time to discover the benefits that Philips TVs with this system have to offer.

1. Above average immersion

Of course, immersion is the main highlight of televisions with Ambilight technology. Only those who have tried a Philips model can confirm the unique experience that this system offers.

In addition to Ambilight technology, Philips televisions stand out for their tradition in sound quality thanks to the Dolby Atmos system, which is able to understand the user’s audio preferences and improve the equalization according to the content being played.

This ensures an immersion that wins over customers through the eyes and ears at the same time.

2. Image quality

A television worth its salt cannot fail to deliver picture quality. Also contributing to the immersion, Philips Ambilight TV features 4K resolution and ultra-fast image processing to display the best of content chosen by users.

HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision technologies further collaborate to sharpen and realistic images. The impression is that we are looking at real scenes, not something being reproduced on a screen.

3. Smart remote control

The remote control is an indispensable item for interacting with the television. If the accessory doesn’t offer quality, using the TV can turn into a frustrating experience.

Philips TV owners can rest easy, as the brand’s models come with a smart remote control. Intuitive and easy to use, the accessory provides quick access to Netflix, YouTube and Ambilight technology settings.

The fight for the remote will be fiercer than ever!

4. Wide connectivity

To close the pack of amazing features of Ambilight TV, we need to talk about connectivity. Philips TVs offer more than the basic HDMI and USB, making the Bluetooth connection available to connect other devices such as headphones and speakers.

This possibility further increases the immersion of TV viewers, as it is possible to connect a unique sound system to make the sensory experience complete.

The brand’s televisions, in addition to offering the complete package of a smart TV, feature Ambilight technology to provide immersion to users. If you are interested in trying it out and finding out more, visit the Philips website.