Bad Bunny and Devin Booker’s Quarrel Over Kendall Jenner Caused a Violent Reaction From Fans on Twitter


Kendall Jenner apparently has two guys fighting over her. The Victoria’s Secret model was spotted with Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny after her breakup with basketball player Devin Booker. Now beef between two celebrities is not uncommon. But knowing that it’s about the Kardashians has left people split. The love triangle also came as a surprise to the Internet.

Apparently, Bad Bunny wrote a song in which one line made fun of a basketball player. The lyrics of his new song say: “The sun is hotter in Puerto Rico than in Phoenix, and she knows it.” When the lyrics of the song hit the media, it instantly became the subject of discussion.

There have been suggestions that these texts are a diss on Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend,

Devin Booker. In one of the Twitter posts, the Phoenix Suns player finally broke the silence and said, “He’s worried about another person again.” The rapper is from Puerto Rico, and the athlete plays for Phoenix, hence the text.

Jenner and Booker apparently dated for 2 years before finally throwing a party last year. At first she hid her relationship, but last year the model posted a photo of them on Instagram. On the other hand, her relationship with Bad Bunny is quite new. Although the report said she may have fallen in love with the latter as they spend more time together.

Now fans on Twitter are making some hilarious comments about this unexpected quarrel between them.

Who among the fans supports the new conflict between Bad Bunny and Devin Booker?
The basketball player and singer’s feud over the Victoria’s Secret model has become a source of entertainment for Twitterati. One fan commented that Booker should be glad that the Bad Bunny singer even mentioned him in his songs. While another suggested Booker stay away and not mess with the number one singer.

There were also those who supported Booker and supported his comments about the insecurity of the Bad Bunny.

One commentator joked about how a player knocked out a rapper with this one comment, and another declared the singer a loser in this beef. Others just joked that it was the most unexpected and necessary heat over Jenner.

Who do you support between Devin Booker and Bad Bunny for Kendall Jenner? Share your opinion in the comments.


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