365 DNI: Michele Morrone teases a sequel to the film!


Actor Michele Morrone Reveals Netflix Movie Sequel 365 DNI! We reveal everything to you. Michele Morrone is back soon for a 365 DNI suite!

It was one of the most controversial Netflix films when it was released. Accused of “glamourizing” kidnapping and sexual abuse, 365 DNI has nevertheless met with enormous success.

Notably thanks to the charming Michele Morrone. The film is also ranked 1st for trends on the streaming platform.

A few months after the film’s release, the interpreter of Massimo teases the sequel to 365 DNI! The latter was in Paris for the promotion of his album Dark Room.

Because in addition to being an actor, the young Italian is also a singer. The youngster revealed to the media Purebreak that the shooting of the next film is already scheduled for 2021.


It should still be noted that the health crisis did not spare the production of 365 DNI. Indeed, the coronavirus delayed the shooting of the film.

But it should start in May 2021 according to the Italian comedian. “Of course, it’s going to be difficult, but the main measures are going to be taken, like social distancing. »He explains to the same media.

In fact, the world of cinema and audiovisual has been able to resume its activities little by little. But the sanitary measures do not facilitate the shootings.

Despite this, the shooting of 365 DNI should therefore begin in summer 2021. On Instagram, the handsome Italian shared a photo on his account with a mysterious legend.

Michele Morrone writes: “Are you lost…”. A subtle way to tease the rest of the film by referring to it with this cult phrase. Indeed, he is referring here to his famous line in the film “You are lost, my pretty?” ”

Fans of the artist understood straight away and more than 2 million liked his post! Case to be continued.


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