35 thousand dollars for Bitcoin talk to Edward Snowden!


It was determined that he received a fee of 35 thousand dollars for crypto money conferences attended by computer expert Edward Snowden, who was on the agenda of the whole world with the leak of information from the NSA.

A lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice revealed charges that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden received for speeches he gave at conferences, including several Bitcoin conferences.

According to newly published court documents, Snowden received a $ 35,000 payment to talk about Bitcoin at two conferences. The first of these conferences was the Blockstack Berlin conference held in Berlin in March 2018 and Snowden was paid 20 thousand dollars for it. The other conference was the Bitcoin 2019 conference organized by BTC Media, owner of Bitcoin Magazine, and Snowden received a fee of $ 15,000 for this conference.

The famous computer scientist attended both conferences virtually from his home in Russia, where he lived in exile for seven years, in order not to be arrested.

The federal government claims Snowden has the right to receive revenue from his speeches. As the case was opened, it was revealed that the computer scientist earned more than $ 1.2 million from these virtual conversations. Snowden delivered 67 separate speeches between September 2015 and May 2020. The information in the court documents states the speaker fee but does not include the payments made to the companies to which the speakers are affiliated. So BTC Media and Blockstack may have paid more.

Snowden received the highest payment ever for a speech on behalf of CSLA Limited, a Hong Kong-based brokerage with $ 50,000. The lowest amount was 3 thousand dollars he received for his speech at the University of Iowa.

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