35 thousand dollars of food that a woman coughed on in the USA was thrown into the garbage


In the USA, one of the most interesting events happened during the coronavirus pandemic. A woman deliberately coughed over the products in food aisles while walking around the market. The food, worth 35 thousand dollars in the shelves, was thrown away with the concern of the virus.

During the coronavirus epidemic, we saw many bad behaviors, from stockpiling disinfectant materials to hackers trying to steal people’s money using virus outbreak news. One of the most interesting events of the coronavirus days was in the U.S.

A woman in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States consciously coughed on food supplies worth $ 35,000 at the market she went to. Joe Fasula, one of the partners of the market chain, who made a statement on the subject, said that a woman known as a problem in the society came to the market and coughed towards the products in different food material departments.

Realizing that the woman was consciously coughing towards the aisles, market staff called the police. While the police detained the woman, the market management decided to throw away $ 35,000 worth of food stuff that the woman was coughing.

The woman detained by the police does not show symptoms of coronavirus. However, the coronavirus can be carried without showing the symptoms. Therefore, a coronavirus test will be performed on the woman. Market management said they would make every effort to get the women tested.

This behavior, which would not be considered normal even before the coronavirus epidemic, can be considered as a crime that endangers public health in these days when the whole world is trying to fight coronavirus.


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