343 denies a delay to 2022 and its cancellation on Xbox


After reactions to its presentation at one of Microsoft’s online events, 343 Industries decided to delay it until 2021.

The unknowns surrounding Halo Infinite have occurred since 343 Industries, the studio that took the baton from Bungie, showed the first gameplay of the campaign. He did it at the most recent event dedicated to Xbox, with footage that did not satisfy the bulk of the players. Given the reactions, especially hilarious due to the brute Craig meme, the Redmond people decided to delay it to 2021 to polish the experience to the maximum. Since then, rumors about new delays and about a possible cancellation on Xbox One have appeared on the network. However, the North American company has stood up to the bad tongues and has described it as “false leaks”.

The information is shared by John Junyszek, community manager of 343 Industries, in response to a question from a user on the social network Twitter. “We’ve seen a ton of fake leaks out there, so please don’t believe everything you read. There are no plans to change the 2021 release date or the platforms and devices that we will support. We are building Halo Infinite to get the most out of each platform. ” This means, therefore, that the Xbox One version is not in danger, at least for now.

The reasons for the first delay

The decision to delay Halo Infinite was due to the “result of multiple factors”, as revealed by Chris Lee, head of 343 Industries, in the official statement published on the company’s official channels. One of these challenges has been the situation of the coronavirus epidemic, which has forced studios to modify their methods to adapt them to teleworking. “I want to acknowledge the hard work of our team at 343 Industries, who have remained committed to creating a great game and finding solutions to development challenges.” Lee stresses that publishing the title at Christmas, as planned, would have compromised “the well-being” of his employees and the quality of the product.

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Halo Infinite is in development for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S (not yet announced, but leaked), and PC.


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