When ‘Stranger Things’ Star Sadie Sink Was Down To Make A Fan Account For THIS Celebrity


We’ve all been fans of Sadie Sink’s “Stranger Things” series ever since she played Max in the sci-fi thriller. Her fame has grown so much that fans around the world have filled social networks with her fan accounts and aliases. But do you know who Sadie herself would make a fan account for?

In an interview with MTV last year, Sink answered a lot of questions in which there were wonderful revelations. Whether it’s her main fan favorite iconic characters or the celebrities she adores, she’s said it all. During the event, she told who was her favorite celebrity of all time. Read on to find out what a lucky star it is.

Sadie Sink told about her favorite celebrity, for whom she created a fan account
When the MTV host asked the outstanding supernova from “Very Strange Cases” about what she adores enough to create a fan account. Responding to this, Sadie answered without any hesitation: “Taylor Swift. She’s the moment right now.” In her previous interviews, Sink has repeatedly mentioned Swift and the fact that she is the most down-to-earth and sincere person to look up to. “I should just start one,” she added.

In the same year, the American pop star chose her biggest fan to shoot in a short film, as well as in one of her music videos. Thus, Sadie Sink and Taylor Swift are closely linked by their project All Too Well, which was released in 2021. After that, Sink also mentioned in her Glamour interview that it was an “honor” for her to work with Swift.

The film directed by Swift was about a couple who were unlucky. Sadie starred in the film opposite Dylan O’Brien, and the music was written exclusively by Taylor herself. This was the first collaboration between the brightest stars of the industry.

Have you seen Taylor’s short film yet? If so, how did you like our own Sadie in it? Do you expect such cooperation between the two stars in the future? Let the stars know about your wishes in the comments below!


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