33 million Brazilians should receive new emergency aid


The Federal Government cross-checked several databases and defined the number of people who should receive emergency assistance again. After this work, it was decided that about 33 million Brazilians will actually need to receive the new installments of the benefit.

According to Ana Flor’s blog, the Government used 11 databases to verify who is able to receive the new installments. Information from the General Register of Employed and Unemployed (Caged), INSS, MEI and other sources were consulted and crossed.

As a comparison, more than 65 million people received the first installment of emergency aid in April last year. The second installment was received by about 57 million Brazilians.

Emergency aid

Entrepreneurs who were left without income in the pandemic should receive emergency aid

Among this number of 33 million people who will be able to receive the benefit this year are 14 million families that are members of Bolsa Família.

New installments

The Federal Government has not yet decided how many installments or the amount of the new round of emergency aid. Despite this, the estimate is that payments will be made between three and four installments and that the amount may start at R $ 250.

As the project needs to pass through Congress, Executive and Legislative talks have already started on the agenda. The expectation is that before March the project has already been approved, so that payments begin at the beginning of the month.

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