33 Degrees of Temperature Drop in 3 Hours in the USA


The polar vortex that hit the USA the other day caused the states of Montana and Colorado, which lived in summer, to suddenly fall under the snow.

In the USA, which has been on the agenda with many extreme weather events so far, an extremely surprising, extreme weather event has occurred. Those who live in Montana, one of the states bordering Canada, and Colorado, which is located in the relatively inland region of the North American country, started the day in the summer and continued in the winter, so to speak.

The polar vortex that occurred in the USA replaced the summer temperatures of 30-35 ° C only the day before with the winter cold of 1-3 ° C. This extreme weather event attracted the attention of nature and meteorology enthusiasts, and enthusiasts flocked to the cities of Colorado and Montana, which were suddenly covered with snow during the summer heat, and wanted to see this interesting natural phenomenon on the spot.

What is a pole vortex?

The polar vortex, known as the Polar Vortex, is not a new weather phenomenon, contrary to what many of you might think. In fact, the low-pressure atmospheric field that causes the polar vortex has always existed around the north pole.

The reason why the polar vortex does not appear ‘under normal conditions’ and descends to relatively southern regions such as the USA, can be summarized as the polar vortex in the north appears to have a strong heat wave nearby and this hot air current pushes the jet stream, which we call the polar vortex, towards the south.

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Scientists can detect polar eddies days in advance that cause sudden temperature drops of 20-30 degrees. Therefore, those who pay attention to meteorological news can be informed days before the polar vortex.


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