More than 320 km / h: Electric dragster sets speed record


Steve Huff, an American fan of drag vehicles, broke the world speed record in the four-wheel “electric vehicle” category. The video showing Huff exceeding the 320 km / h mark for the first time in history was posted on YouTube on May 14.

Huff achieved the feat aboard his dragster called “Current Technology”, reaching 323 km / h, in the Tucson Dragway, in the state of Arizona. The previous record was 304 km / h, which was reached last year by drag racing legend Don Garlits.

Watch the video with the record breaking, from minute 1:55:

Huff spent a good part of last year working to leave Current Technology in a position to overcome the 320 km / h barrier. Given the fact that we only managed to do it for those days, we can conclude that the work extended until the beginning of this year.

According to him, the vehicle has 1,950 horsepower and 138 kg / fm of torque. The electric motor has 800 volts.

The speed achieved by Current Technology shows that electric dragsters are still far from competing with fossil fuels. In 2018, a V8 engine dragster reached 543.15 km / h.


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