32% of users complain about the battery life of their laptop


The usual: the battery … When a laptop is new, the battery lasts the longest, just like a mobile phone, but it is possible that not as long as its manufacturer has sold us. Why do the specifications of the laptop indicate a number of hours on average and we drain the battery before? The OCU, Organization of Consumers and Users, has wanted to answer this in a new study.

Specific conditions of use

According to the OCU, the data provided by the manufacturers on the duration of the batteries are taken under specific conditions of use (brightness level of the screen, programs used and the tasks they perform …) different for each manufacturer, which allows to stretch autonomy to the maximum. However, in normal conditions the reality is different.

And it is that up to 32% of those consulted complain about them in the last reliability survey carried out by the organization. To locate the tasks and settings that consume the most battery, OCU has done a practical test with 5 laptop models. During the tests, measurements of the battery autonomy time were carried out browsing the internet with different levels of screen brightness in activities that require different levels of processor work (use of video games or a work environment) or playing videos with a different power mode setting.

From the data obtained, it appears that the aspects that most influence battery consumption are:

Screen brightness level

Battery life when the user surfs the internet with the minimum level to be able to see the screen correctly (105 nits) and with the maximum possible brightness (about 350 nits), is uneven. Depending on the model, the battery saving by reducing the brightness is uneven, ranging from 38 minutes to almost 2 hours.


In this section there are big differences between the performance of the battery with a normal workload (office applications, video calls, email management, etc.) and another, running at high performance (gaming user, stressing the CPU and the GPU. maximum possible). In most models the battery lasts between 5 and 6 hours longer with normal workload, and in some up to 8 hours.

Power mode

Most Windows 10 laptops allow you to choose between the “best performance” mode (faster processor, brighter screen, drives always ready) which consumes much more power and another more economical mode. With the recommended mode, the battery could be extended around 7 hours.

Airplane mode
The conclusion is that unlike what happens in smartphones, in laptops it hardly affects battery consumption.


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