32 million XRP transferred to the exchange


It was determined that approximately 32 million XRP from wallets associated with the PlusToken fraud were transferred to a cryptocurrency exchange in the past days. A few weeks ago, news emerged that all members of PlusToken were caught and smashed. This situation led to the thought that the transfer might have been carried out by the state authorities.

Thomas Silkjær, CEO and founder of XRPlorer, gave information on Twitter yesterday about the investigation into millions of XRPs stolen by PlusToken scammers.

Silkjær announced that approximately 32 million XRP ($ 8.75 million) was transferred to the cryptocurrency exchange HBTC in the past two weeks.

A few weeks ago, after the news that PlusToken, which is seen as the biggest fraud organization in the crypto universe, was completely destroyed in the Chinese media, it was surprising that such an incident occurred.

Last month, Chinese authorities caught the core of the PlusToken pyramid scam, which has a total value of billions of dollars and includes BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS and other cryptocurrencies.

It is said that the transfer may have been made by state authorities

Silkjær also stated that this transfer may have been made either by the members of PlusToken or by the authorities that claimed to have caught them.

Silkjær also stated that of the 300 million XRP stolen, only 88 million remained in 16 separate accounts that were thought to be fraudulent and were not cashed in on exchanges:

“With 32 million XRP being sent to the HBTC exchange, 16 accounts have 88 million XRP left. There is still no official statement as to whether XRPs are sold by the authorities ”

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In his tweet on August 18, Silkjær stated that 12 million XRP were sent to cryptocurrency platforms, and 120 million XRP was left in mixing pools to hide its source. An unnamed cryptocurrency exchange confirmed to the CEO of XRPlorer that 12 million XRP was sent to them by the Chinese official authorities.

They defrauded more than 2 million people with high income valley

As you will remember, PlusToken was a Chinese wallet service launched in mid-2018 claiming to offer “high return on investment”. To persuade investors, scammers stated that their income was derived from cryptocurrency mining, market profits, and referral memberships. It was claimed that the token would also be traded on some stock exchanges. Participants received awards as they recruited new members to the system. It is stated that Plus Token defrauded more than 2 million people.

It was alleged that the Chinese police, under the orders of the China Public Security Agency, the most important police and security agency in the country, destroyed PlusToken’s multinational system at the end of July. It was stated in the news that the police captured 27 people from the core staff and 82 people from important names.


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