31.5-inch 4K UHD monitor from LG: Gamers only


Many people have already started counting the day after hearing the specifications of the LG 31.5-inch 4K UHD smart monitor model. The product-based projects of the South Korean company, which came to the fore with the K31 model in the smartphone market, draw attention.

Focusing especially on technologies and smart devices used at home, LG stated that it has invested in color and image quality on behalf of its new monitor and wants to reap the fruits of this investment. What are the features of this hardware with model number 32UN650-W?

What does LG offer with its 31.5 inch 4K UHD monitor features?

Saying that it produces an ultra high resolution monitor, LG announced that this hardware is equipped with an IPS display panel and 4K UHD resolution. It is stated that this indicator, which is not available for sale yet, hosts a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

32UN650-W, which can efficiently benefit from DCI-P3 support by 95 percent to reflect the most vivid colors that the human eye can see, has 1.07 billion colors and HDR 10 support.

LG 31.5 inç 4K UHD monitör

AMD FreeSync software, called synchronization technology that prevents screen tears and image stuttering, will protect this monitor. In addition, the GTG value of this monitor, which represents the time it takes for a pixel to change between two different colors and acquire a new color, is 5 milliseconds.

This hardware, which can serve up to 350 nit (candela per square meter) level in terms of screen brightness, has a static contrast ratio of 1000: 1. LG said gamers will also be protected with a filter that protects against blue light.

LG 31.5 inç 4K UHD monitör özellikleri

Display Port 1.2 (video resolution up to 4K / 60 Hz) technology, which is used to connect computers to monitors and was released in 2009, and HDMI infrastructure, which is a high resolution multimedia interface, will also be included in this monitor. In addition, 5W stereo speakers, which allow the reproduction of a sound with the help of two or more independent sound channels and speakers, will also serve the users.

Finally, this monitor can be extended in length. There is no price information about him yet. This 73-year-old company may launch its new monitor in the last week of this month. What do you think of the LG 31.5 inch 4K UHD monitor?


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