The 30th Anniversary of Hubble Space Telescope Celebrated with Very Special Frames (Video)


NASA and ESA celebrated Hubble Space Telescope’s 30th birthday with brilliant star photography. The images that were redefined and highly appreciated by redefining the views about the universe were described as the best examples to commemorate the 30-year scientific discoveries made by the telescope.

The Hubble Space Telescope began operations on April 24, 1990, with a crew of 5 astronauts. The telescope, which is about 600 kilometers from the earth and continues to tour the Earth in its orbit, has enabled us to open the eyes of humanity to the cosmos and reach information about the universe for 30 years on duty.

The telescope has made modern astronomy a very enjoyable branch of discovery not only for astronomers but also for the people of the world. In addition, Hubble has separated from other telescopes, making astronomy interesting and accessible for people of all ages. Hubble has made 1.4 million observations to date and has become one of the most prolific space observatories in history, providing data used by astronomers around the world to generate more than 17,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications. According to experts, Hubble’s rich data archive will be enough to speed up the researches of future generations even by future generations.

The clearest images ever captured:

The telescope, which helps to observe the stars, planets and black holes outside the solar system for the first time, has managed to eliminate curiosity by viewing all of these thanks to its high resolution lenses. It was reported that the images published exclusively for the 30th year were from a region near the Milky Way Galaxy, which is approximately 163 thousand light years away from the Earth.

It was announced by the researchers that the giant red nebula, which attracted attention in the shared images, was smaller as ‘NGC 2014’, and was called ‘NGC 2020’. Astronomers, who liken the images to the undersea world, also said that the incoming photos are the clearest star formation region recorded by Hubble’s 30-year journey.

The Hubble Space Telescope, which is expected to continue its adventure in the process following the celebrations, will continue to make many more discoveries and shape the imagination of all the people who follow him, especially scientists.


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