300: Warner Refused Zack Snyder’s Script For The Third Film In The Franchise


300: In an interview for The Playlist podcast, Zack Snyder revealed that his script for the third and final film in the 300 franchise was turned down by Warner Bros. Snyder was the director and one of the screenwriters for the first feature of the saga and took over the production following 2014, 300: The Rise of the Empire.

How was Zack Snyder’s script?

The director of Batman Vs Superman claims that he wrote the third film during the pandemic. The agreement with Warner is that he would develop a final chapter for the 300 story. However, when he sat down to write, a different idea came up.

Snyder’s script dealt with the relationship between Hefestio and Alexander the Great. According to him, the film would be about a beautiful love story with war, so it wouldn’t really fit as part of the saga.

Called Blood and Ashes (in free translation, Blood and Ashes), Zack Snyder presented the proposal to Warner, which refused the project. According to the filmmaker, the studio is not one of his biggest fans.

Strained relationship between Zack Snyder and Warner

Since he left the direction of the Justice League after the tragic death of his daughter, the relationship between Zack Snyder and Warner has been shaken.

Throughout the interviews to promote his new film for Netflix, Army of the Dead: Invasion in Las Vegas, the director stated that the studio has treated him with disrespect and aggression since the controversies surrounding the Snyder Cut began to appear.

In addition to the films for DC, Zack Snyder had a long partnership with Warner Bros. Among the productions that have his direction and the distribution of the studio, are Watchmen, The Legend of the Guardians and Sucker Punch-Mundo Surreal.


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