Emma Watson has become one of the greatest young spokespersons for equality internationally. Her voice is increasingly heard by millions of people around the world, loaded with clear messages that revolve around feminism and the rights of social minorities.

And it is strange the occasion when the British appears in public and does not give us any life lesson, whatever and at any time. Listening to Emma Watson has become our favorite hobby.


Reaching the third decade is one of the most feared traumas by the youngest. Marriage? Sons? Independence? What do I do if I have passed the age and I have not been able to reach any of these stages? Emma Watson brings you the solution.

She herself has been in charge of telling her own experience in an interview with British Vogue, through which, as expected, she throws a most inspiring message again. “I do not understand why many create a scandal when they are about to turn 30. I get stressed with the messages I read. If you have not yet built a home, you have not married, do not have a child or are still discovering things for you account, then you have nothing safe at an age when you should already have it. It generates a lot of anxiety, “he says.

For Emma, ​​you have to face social pressure and take the time you need to take any important step in your life. Whatever it is. Do not fear numbers!

“I have to be honest and admit that I was never convinced of the speech I was saying” I am happy being single. “I was convinced that that was not true, but that was because it took me time to understand. The truth is that I really enjoy being single and being my own partner on this trip, “he admitted. They already say it out there: it is better alone than in bad company, isn’t it? And it is that the first person we must care for and protect is ourselves. The so-called emotional stability. Reaching this goal, the rest of stable relationships occupy a second place.

So if you have turned 30, or are about to do so, read Emma Watson’s words carefully and apply them. There is no greater achievement in life than taking care of yourself and enjoying the little moments it gives us, regardless of age or circumstances.

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