30-Minute ASMR Corona Virus Test Video Locking Viewers to the Screen


We were also in Turkey with the detection of corona virus case we need more information about the epidemic. Wanting to demonstrate how the Corona virus test is done, YouTuber Taylor Darling created and released the representative ASMR video of the test.

The followers of the current ASMR publish videos on YouTube to help people relax and be informed. The emergence of the corona virus outbreak encouraged YouTubers to shoot ASMR videos to produce content about the corona virus.

YouTuber, Taylor Darling, who manages the ASMR Darling channel, made a 30-minute video showing how the corona virus’s test process looks like. In the video published on the ASMR Darling YouTube channel, we see the testing process from the perspective of a person with suspected corona virus.

Continuing from the eyes of a person who applied to the clinic with the suspicion of corona virus, the video starts with simple personal questions. In the continuation of the video, people who suspect that they are infected with corona virus are listed and the necessary tests are done. The person who test positive for corona virus is also told how to continue the process.

During an informative video on the corona virus broadcast on the ASMR Darling channel, Taylor washes her hand several times. Taylor says the video he posted wants him to be informative to reduce the spread of the virus and is doing research for it. It was emphasized that hand washing sections are especially important for raising awareness of people.

The corona virus test video on the ASMR Darling YouTube channel takes about 30 minutes. The video shot with the ASMR technique has managed to attract people’s attention due to its informative content.

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