3 Tips To Protect Your Work Notebook And Avoid Costs


Notebook: According to experts, corporate security has never been more threatened by cyber attacks as it is today. Since 2020, with thousands of employees working remotely due to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, the frequency of intrusions and data leaks of companies has increased significantly.

That’s because, with more people from an organization spread across the city, hackers see multiple possibilities for attacks. However, even with the greatest threat, many companies feel unprepared to deal with protecting their endpoints.

The word endpoints is used to refer to devices connected to the company’s network, such as computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, among others. Monitoring the security systems of each device, as with conventional antiviruses, can be laborious and ineffective — especially in the home office.

Furthermore, according to a report commissioned by the Ponemon Institute, 60% of malware threats go unnoticed by traditional antivirus. Therefore, it is necessary that companies adopt security systems developed from artificial intelligence, which bring even more improved levels of information protection.

In cases where attacks lead to data leakage, organizations can suffer huge financial losses. According to IBM’s Cost of Data Breach Report, expenditures can range from $2.01 million to $7.13 million for large enterprises.


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