3 Tips so you can view Stories on Instagram anonymously


How to see Instagram Stories without them noticing? Find out how to view them privately. Social networks have become a modern interaction and communication tool, sometimes it is no longer necessary to meet face to face with others to be able to live, talk or find out about our day to day. Instagram is one of the largest apps that has allowed you to socialize through photos and videos.

Although its tools are limited to audiovisual and graphic material, through Stories, Reels, surveys and photos, they have also become a platform to create photography blogs thanks to its interface, many even edit and accommodate their publications in color ranges , concepts, among others.

But it also serves to show off our best selfies and moments with our friends, family and in love, even to spy on the photos of our crush, but it has certain privacy filters to see who has seen your Stories, there is even the myth that the user that appears first in the list of views is the one who saw it the most times or who regularly sees your profile.


If you want to see updates from your friends, the crush or people who are not on your friends list, but you want to remain anonymous, we leave you a list with tips to avoid being discovered.

Airplane mode:

It is the simplest step, just disconnect your phone from the network by choosing airplane mode, you have to have the Wifi on, otherwise, the Stories will not be loaded once they are in the profile.

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Chrome extension:

Just search the Google Chrome store for IG Stories for Instagram, download it and this tool will allow you to search for the username you want and will show you their publications, you will be able to see the Stories without problems, the bad thing is that you can only see the content of the accounts you follow on your profile.


Web pages to go incognito:

There are many tricks on the Internet that allows you to be able to post anonymously. You can enter the following options


The interface is simple, you just have to write the username to be able to see their videos or photos, remember that you can only do it within the 24 hours in which they were published, in addition, it only works in profiles that are public, some are also imitated to show “featured” posts.


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