3 Security Features Very Important For Free Zoom Users


Zoom, which gained great popularity after the business and education process moved to their homes due to coronavirus pandemic, announced that it will release three new security features on May 9 for users using the free version.

Zoom, which has become the most used application by home workers and students during coronavirus days, allows many people to video chat at the same time. Having only 10 million users per day in January 2019, the platform serves more than 300 million users today.

The California-based company recently added nine new features to the platform. Zoom, which took many steps to address the security concerns surrounding it, provided users with significant flexibility in terms of privacy and security options thanks to the new features it published.

Zoom had reached 300 million users in the past weeks despite security issues
Not forgetting its customers using the free version of Zoom, the company announced that it will release three new security features next weekend. Free Zoom accounts can now set passwords for all meetings, including new meetings, pre-planned meetings, and Personal Meeting ID (PMI).

Also, from now on, the Waiting Room feature, which allows the organizer to approve all participants individually, will be on by default, and the screen sharing control will only be on the host computer.

Free Zoom users will be able to set passwords for all meetings they organize.
When you open an account in Zoom, you get a PMI in addition to your username and password. Although PMI is basically a feature aimed at facilitating the user experience, its uncontrolled sharing causes some foreign people to enter the meeting you organize outside of your initiative. For this reason, you need to be very careful while sharing your meeting ID.

Paid users could enable the password option to prevent foreign people from entering meetings. From now on, free users will also be able to put passwords on meeting links. Zoom stated that, thanks to the features that will be released starting from May 9, free users can make their calls more safely.


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