3 scenes after the credits of Lightyear and an explanation of the installation of the sequel


Warning: this contains spoilers for Lightyear.

Lightyear has a total of three post-credits scenes, and here’s an explanation of each of them, including how one of them creates a potential sequel. Although post-credits scenes are usually associated with superhero movies, there are many examples of other types of movies in which they are used, albeit because of how popular superhero movies have become. Pixar has been no stranger to post-credits scenes for years, and Lightyear supports this trend.

A lot of Pixar movies have post-credits scenes, but unlike most superhero movies, these are just wacky bonus scenes that add a twist to the movie. For example, at the end of Toy Story 4, there were several additional scenes with all the toys living their lives, and the logo depicts Duke Kaboom instead of Luxo Jr. Most recently, in Turning Red, May’s father danced to one of her 4* Cities. CDs. Pixar did this even before superhero movies popularized this concept, for example, when in “Finding Nemo” the anglerfish was eaten by a tiny fish, and “Cars” parodied old Pixar movies, and then also continued the joke about a couple who are looking for a way to the interstate.

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Pixar movies have a history of post-credits scenes, and Lightyear continues that, with a total of three post-credits scenes. The first two are just short, silly scenes playing jokes from the movie, but the third is more in line with the typical idea as it teases the potential of Lightyear 2. In terms of quantity and overall content, Disney Pixar’s Lightyear is a step above its predecessors, and here’s an explanation of each post-credits scene and what the latter might mean for a potential sequel.

Explanation of Pixar’s reference to the scene after the Credits of Lightyear #1

In Lightyear’s first scene after the credits, Commander Burnside laughs when one of Tikana Prime’s insects is killed by his laser shield, confirming his earlier insistence on installing this shield. a small reference to Pixar. If you look closely at the top shelf to the left of Burnside, you can see a trophy with a figure that bears a resemblance to BERN-Yi, the main character of Disney Pixar WALL-Yi, except for the same. Lightyear’s director, Angus MacLaine, also directed BURN-E back in 2008, so this serves as a good and quick reference to his past work.

Lightyear Scene after credits #2 pays off with a great joke from the movie

During the Light Year, when Buzz needs to figure out how to find a new ship, a robot named DERIK tries to show him the way to the hangar, but he continues to get confused and start all over again, and Buzz and his team eventually abandon him to go to the hangar on their own. The second scene after the credits of Lightyear continues the joke, showing that DERIK was still working out the instructions, although days, and possibly weeks, have passed since everyone left him. Only then does he finish charting directions, and DERIK doesn’t understand where everyone has gone. This joke was already funny in the movie, and the scene after the credits gives it a great return, which makes it even funnier.

Lightyear at the end of the credits. Scene #3: How Zurg survived and what it means

Zurg, the Light-year villain, is apparently killed at the end of the film when Buzz causes an explosion by shooting into a container of hyperspace fuel, but in the third and final scene after the credits, Zurg’s eyes flash red, showing that he is still alive. It is unknown how he survived, but given that his suit is made of technology hundreds of years more advanced than that of Star Command, it could be strong enough to allow him to withstand an explosion with nothing but a temporary shutdown. This means that Zurg may return in a potential sequel to get revenge on Buzz, thereby establishing their antagonistic relationship in the Toy Story media.

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Will Lightyear get a sequel?

There’s no word on a Lightyear sequel at the moment, but it’ll be simple enough to make it happen. As mentioned earlier, the disclosure of Zurg creates a chance for a future conflict between him and Buzz, which could create their possible dynamic between hero and villain. Not only that, but the sequel can allow you to explore other elements of Buzz Lightyear’s knowledge, such as Little Green Men, and it can even be used to canonize elements from the cartoon “Buzz Lightyear from Star Command”.

The biggest problem that works against this is that Pixar has been focusing on original stories since Toy Story 4, so “Lightyear” could easily just be a standalone story. However, Lightyear may be working against it, being a spinoff of the original Toy Story franchise, so Pixar may be opening up again to continue old stories. With that in mind, assuming Lightyear can achieve critical and commercial success, it would be easy enough to see a sequel later.