3 reasons to add witch hazel to your skincare routine


Witch hazel or witch hazel water is a plant that through extraction has become a sensation for skin care. Witch hazel is a natural astringent so it can be used on oily and combination skin. You can use it as a make-up remover, toner, mist and as a cleanser.

It is recommended not to combine it with facial cleansers or ingredients that have salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, as it could very dry your skin.

1. Relieves sunburn and accelerates healing:

Witch hazel is a natural anti-inflammatory, so if you have a sunburn or even a burn from a product, it will help deflate and relieve pain. Likewise, witch hazel can help speed up healing and prevent the area from becoming infected.

If you have a cut from waxing or some treatment it will help soothe the skin without being abrasive. Ideal to always have it at home. If you have a mosquito bite, it will also help you control the itching and deflate.

2. Control sebum secretion and acne breakouts:

One of the most famous uses of witch hazel is that it can control sebum secretion, clean residues and with this prevent comedones and acne breakouts. You can use it after cleaning your face; Apply on a cotton pad or with the palms of your hands. You can use it during the day, which is when more sebum is produced, but it is not recommended to use it daily.

You can place a few pieces of cotton under the eyes with cold witch hazel, this will help reduce inflammation and reduce the puffiness of the dark circles.

3. Tones, mattifies and refreshes the skin:

If you want to use a mist for the skin in the middle of the afternoon or you are producing a lot of sebum, you can add a little witch hazel. It helps to mattify the skin, control sebum, make the skin not shiny and refresh your skin, and it will not ruin your makeup. Ideally, place it in a spray bottle and you can combine it with some essential oil to get more benefits.

Witch hazel is ideal for normal, oily, or combination skin. Witch hazel can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover, or mist. A very versatile ingredient.


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