3 reasons to delay installing Android 10 on your Galaxy Note9


Samsung’s Android 10 update brings tons of new features and the Galaxy Note9 is said to have a huge impact on its performance. While many users think that the update should be installed instantly, many think it might be good to wait a little longer.

As expected, the Android 10 version of Galaxy Note9 came packed with user interface settings, dark mode improvements, innovations in the camera app, smoother animations and changes. It is a fact that the new update can have a big impact on your device’s performance, but some users also report that they do not dare to upgrade yet.

Looking at the comments on the update, we can see some complaints about bugs and performance issues. Probably the more Galaxy Note9 users download Android 10, the bigger the list of issues will be. For this reason, although users say that there are some great reasons to install Android 10 right away, there are also many who find reasons to stay away and watch for a while. Based on the comments, we will consider 3 items that will require you to stay away from the update for now.

1- Do not install if you are nervous about the problems that may arise
If you feel uncomfortable about switching to Android 10, it’s better to wait for longer-term feedback on the update. If you are seeing a lot of negative feedback, it would be a good idea to wait for Samsung to make error corrections.

2- Do not install if you are on the go
We think that one of the most returned issues is that when you make any updates while you are away from your home, you encounter some errors and start not being able to use your device efficiently. So it might be wise to wait for your journey to end for the new update.

3- Do not install if you are concerned about the overall performance of the device
It’s hard to predict how Android 10 will affect the overall performance of your Galaxy Note9. Although many people see an increase in performance, users who are exposed to errors and performance problems are also absent. It is also worth remembering that new software often has problems with older devices. In other words, while clearing the new version errors, it may be very good for you to spend some time in your old version.


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