3 Most Incredible Moments from the Return of Season 17


Grey’s Anatomy season 17 premiere premiered in the midst of the pandemic, but offered flashbacks throughout the two hours. Many things happened, but some moments stood out more than others.

Richard and Catherine getting back together

Jackson wasn’t just involved in Jo’s story. There are flashbacks of him pulling Webber out of his depression after cobalt poisoning. Catherine naturally moved closer.

Something that Jackson pointed out was that Webber and Catherine were awful to each other at times. Catherine more, but Webber also made some terrible decisions. Jackson believes that both are suitable for each other and they love each other, however.

The finale of the Grey’s Anatomy season 17 premiere saw Richard say he wanted to get tested for COVID, and Catherine should. They need to make sure both are negative so that they can bubble together.

Bailey keeps her OCD in check

This crazy moment is a good time. One thing we wondered when we heard that the show would feature a pandemic story was how Bailey would cope. Would your OCD take over?

No! She kept control of her OCD. In fact, she used it to her advantage, landing the hospital in a way that would keep patients and doctors safe.

She went overboard with Webber a bit, but that was to be expected. And while there are seasons we could do without her, we’re proud of her during the Grey’s Anatomy season 17 premiere.

Meredith collapsing in the parking lot

Finally, we can’t talk about the premiere without mentioning the ending. After a successful surgery, Meredith returned to the COVID ICU. DeLuca sent her home to sleep. However, she didn’t even get to the car.

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Hayes found Meredith in the parking lot on the ground. It had collapsed, and we step into Meredith’s mind where she is with Derek on the beach. And yes, that was Patrick Dempsey back to film a scene. There’s more of that to come, but what does it mean for Meredith?


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