3 months of free Amazon Music Unlimited


The convenience of being able to access a wide variety of music quickly and simply is the reason that justifies the success of music streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer. Amazon, which has increasingly invested in different entertainment niches, has Prime Music, included in the Amazon Prime subscription package.

Prime Music offers a limited collection, with more basic features. For those looking for something more complete the ideal is the subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, which has a more complete catalog.

But, after years of getting used to the Deezer interface or the practicality of Spotify, is it worth investing in a third option? In other words, is Amazon Music good? That’s what you’ll see in the text below.


Like its main competitors, Amazon Music Unlimited has applications for Android, iOS and Desktop, as well as a browser version. It does not differ much from what you can see in other streaming services, such as internally generated playlists, artist pages showing the most played tracks, available albums, similar artists and playlists for fans.

As the user listens to more songs and podcasts, the algorithms also suggest other artists or programs, based on their specific tastes. The main disadvantage here, are the few configurations that the service offers, mainly in the desktop version.

Despite this, music streaming from Amazon has a number of features that can be important differentiators, such as X-Ray. This is a resource for those who want to have more information about the song, which is displayed on the screen, in addition to being able to follow the lyrics of the song in real time.

How it works?

This is where users of Spotify or Deezer Premium are already very familiar. You can create your own playlists, add service selections to your profile, and download music and podcasts for offline listening. The service also allows you to set it as the default player for the music you have on your phone or computer.

But the main feature is the dedicated compatibility with Alexa. Amazon’s personal assistant can be activated directly through the application, in addition to having specific functionalities, which offer more convenience to service subscribers. It is worth mentioning that Amazon Music Unlimited is compatible with Waze, and it is possible to listen to music through the application while you follow your route.


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