3 Metaverse Coins Watched by Big Hands Revealed!


The metaverse space gained momentum, especially at the end of 2021. Behind this momentum were factors such as the rebranding of one of the world’s largest companies, Facebook, as Meta. Experts predict that the total value of the metaverse field will reach 30 trillion dollars. Meanwhile, metaverse coin projects, which are the most preferred by big investors, emerged.

These metaverse coin projects are attracting attention

According to Matthew Ball, CEO of venture capital firm Epyllion, the metaverse will reach $30 trillion in 10 years. It is known that many companies invest in this field. So, which metaverse coins are investors flocking to? According to experts, The Sandbox (SAND) is one of the most preferred cryptos by investors who turn to the metaverse. Sandbox also stands out as a play-to-win platform. With the SAND token, in-game land can also be purchased at The Sandbox. Sandbox offers the opportunity to convert characters and items into money.

Another coin that attracts the attention of investors is Decentraland (MANA). MANA has risen 3,500 percent since the start of 2021. MANA can also be used to buy land in Decentraland. Decentraland users can also cash out their LAND tokens. LAND tokens are valued at the MANA price.

Third, Axie Infinity (AXS) attracts the most attention. AXS has risen 14,000 percent since 2021. In Axie Infinity, which is also a play-to-earn project, users need three Axies to enter the game. The winner gains experience points that they can use to improve their Axie. As in The Sandbox and Decentraland, digital plots are available as NFTs in Axie Infinity.