3 Hours of Access Problem with Zoom


The 3-hour access shortage experienced in Zoom last day drove education in new schools opened in the USA into chaos. Especially, educators were caught by the problem at Zoom unplanned.

Zoom, which allows distance education, study and meeting with the effect of the coronavirus, experienced a 3-hour interruption the other day. Although the three-hour cut that the popular video conferencing application experienced was overlooked by many, it has rightly garnered some reactions.

As we have just mentioned, Zoom has now become a platform for distance education. Especially when the number of teachers and students using Zoom abroad was quite high, this interruption was also aroused. Zoom did not share what caused this disruption, but only shared that the problem was fixed.

Unpreparedness led to chaos:

The interruption in Zoom occurred on the same day that schools opened in the United States. In other words, the students faced the disruption of this system as they entered the new year when they will receive distance education. According to teachers in the US, the cut caused students to skip two classes and lose focus.

Of course, Zoom was not solely responsible for the discomfort experienced at this point; There was also a lack of planning involved. Teachers or institutions that hadn’t made any plans despite Zoom’s disablement before had difficulties when the system collapsed. Many teachers used their own methods to continue their education.

Although the same problem affected employees, they were able to continue their work via Google Meet or WhatsApp. However, the teachers who provided education could not teach via WhatsApp; Their only reliable remedy was Google Meet. However, in schools that didn’t have a Google Meet license, this remedy was also gone.

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This situation at Zoom was just one example of the current situation. The problems experienced in internet systems these days when a devastating virus such as coronavirus closes us at home, can greatly disrupt both education and work. However, we can say that both people and systems need some time, since there has not been such an intense remote work / education before.


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