3 Good Mouse And Keyboard Options For Your Daily Life


Mouse: We know that it is important to have a suitable work or study environment, which means having good products to use on a daily basis. The star of the setup is usually the computer – often a notebook – which accompanies the user in various activities during their routine.

However, other parts of this setup are equally important and often overlooked. This is the case for peripherals such as mouse and keyboard. There are those who say that “anyone will do”, which is far from true. And the notebook touchpad and keyboard do not always meet the demands of the most demanding users.

Knowing that, we present here a selection of products – three mice and one keyboard – from Multilaser for those looking for practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – TC250

The first product doesn’t come alone and is a rechargeable wireless mouse and keyboard kit. One of the advantages of this set is the fact that they work with only one USB receiver, which saves your computer’s inputs.

The mouse has an ambidextrous grip, but has buttons that favor right-handed people. There are six triggers in total, with some fully configurable for you to modify the behavior of this peripheral that is so important in PC usage. It is noteworthy that the accessory also has a sensitivity adjustment, the DPS, ranging between 1200, 1600 and 1800.

The keyboard is complete in the ABNT2 layout and has eight multimedia keys for actions such as pausing/starting music, increasing/decreasing the volume and even practical shortcuts for the browser and calculator. The key design is designed to make typing easy, with a smooth, silent touch.

The kit’s highlight is exactly the fact that it works independently of wires. Both accessories work with an internal battery, which eliminates the need for batteries, generates savings and also helps the environment. Normally using these accessories, Multilaser guarantees an average autonomy of 1 month.

Rechargeable Wireless Mouse – MO291

If you are just looking for a wireless mouse, the MO291 model is a good choice. This version has an even more anatomical design, offering a kind of rest for the right-handed toe. It also has six buttons that can be clicked and configured to suit one’s needs.

However, the biggest difference here is the sensitivity, as the MO291 can reach up to 2400 DPI. Of course, we’re not talking about a number that follows the “bigger is better” rule, but this possibility to raise the cursor movement speed can be very useful for specific applications.

It is also important to note that this wireless mouse model comes with a fully rechargeable internal battery. That is, no more batteries. Multilaser’s promise is that the MO291 also offers a 1-month runtime before needing a new charge.

Ergonomic Wireless Mouse – MO284

The last item on the list is a product completely unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This accessory is what we call a vertical mouse and it is designed to give a more ergonomic grip to the user. If you spend many hours in front of your computer and have ever felt discomfort in your hand or wrist, you should seriously consider trying out a peripheral like this.

In addition to the different format, the MO284 mouse also comes with six configurable buttons and sensitivity that goes up to 1600 DPI. The only difference from this model to the others is that it requires a battery (standard AA not included) to offer the convenience of operating completely wirelessly.