3 curiosities that Jungkook hid in his new dance video


Jungkook is letting us see all his talents on Instagram and this time he shared a special video dancing, what secret data does the choreography that the BTS member is performing hide?

Through Instagram, BTS can share much more content with their fans, ARMY is happy with each new update of the idols on the platform and they have surprised us with photos, videos and stories that brighten the days of every fan.

Jungkook, for example, has been giving the fandom much more on his personal IG account, the member of Bangtan Sonyeondan has shared videos while boxing, singing, more of his day to day with his pets and today he also delighted his fans with a new video dancing

In this new video of JK on Instagram, the idol dances to the song Bare Wit Me by Teyana Taylor and has already been filled with millions of likes, ARMY loved the way in which Bangtan’s Golden Maknae executed this choreography for a great song.

What other secrets does Jungkook’s video hide on Instagram? If you look carefully at the tracks, they will reveal a little more than what the BTS idol hid in this dance cover.


1. Who did the choreography that Jungkook danced in his video?

Jungkook tagged @nain_jerkfamily in the choreography credits, a girl named Nain who participated in Street Woman Fighter and it seems that JK loved her dance as he performed it perfectly.

Jungkook danced a Nain choreography | Instagram: @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz

Nain even shared Jungkook’s video on her Instagram Stories:

2. What relationship does Nain have with Jungkook and BTS?

Well, Nain has been an ARMY for a long time, it is known that this dancer has admired BTS since 2015, in addition to Jeon Jungkook being a bias, OMG, he even gave her the perfect name for her YouTube channel. . This fan has already won in life <3.

3. What is the meaning of J-Hope’s comment in Jungkook’s video?

J-Hope not only proved to be the fastest friend in the west by commenting on Jungkook’s video on Instagram first than anyone else, the Bangtan idol also commented something very significant, ‘COOL’, was the word he put for his groupmate, why did he do it? In his interview for Vogue Korea, JK said that he wanted people to say this word to him because it encompasses multiple meanings and Hobi did <3.

Now you know a little more about what is hidden in this new Jungkook dance video on Instagram, enjoy all the content of the idol on this social network.

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