3 Bitcoin Analytics With Forecasts: These Levels Are Coming!


A popular analyst says that the new historical highs for bitcoin are closer than many think. The analyst also claims that bitcoin will exceed $100,000 next year. However, according to him, a record bear market will follow later. The asset manager is betting on a huge BTC price of $2 million.

Bitcoin bulls will have to wait a year to get $100,000!

Predicting that the fourth quarter of 2022 will coincide with the end of the 2018 Bitcoin bear market, few people are set to change the trend. A bold forecast recently made by the creator of LookIntoBitcoin, Philip Swift, gives only a few months for the current bear market. However, most commentators continue to strive for new lows.

But the really interesting territory for the popular analyst of Credible Crypto is further away. However, 2023 will be an important turning point. According to the analyst, BTC will set a historical maximum of at least $100,000 (ATH).

The analyst says the next bear market will be even lower than $17,600 this year. Thus, by 2025, buyers will have a chance to enter the market for just $10,000. Credible Crypto, a fellow trader and analyst of Mr. He responded to the initial forecast put forward by Parabullik: “It will probably be adopted in 2025.” In this context, Credible Crypto explains the following predictions:

“Firstly, in 2023, the new ATH will surpass the first wave of more than $100,000. Then comes the biggest bear market we’ve ever seen. It will also be worse than the current one, both in terms of time and price. This will take him up to the level of 10-14 thousand, which he expects.”

Crypto Tony, another active trader on social media, does not agree with Credible Crypto. Crypto Tony predicts a macroeconomic low at the beginning of the next quarter, followed by a new uptrend.

From $10,000 in Bitcoin to $2 million in Bitcoin

Elsewhere, others point to levels between $10,000 and $16,000 as possible minimum prices in the coming months. The $10,000 price tag belongs to Filbfilb, the co-founder of Decentrader. See this article for Filbfilb’s successful predictions. The popular Capo analyst from Crypto continues to insist that Bitcoin will quickly enter $14,000-$16,000 after seeing a rebound of around $21,000. Read this article to find out the exact Bitcoin predictions from Capo of Crypto.

“All I see is too many shorts to be bored,” he tells his subscribers on October 21. Then he assumes that the jump will begin. Capo Crypto makes the following statement:


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