3 Bandai Namco Games On Consoles And PC For You To Check Out


Bandai Namco: By launching renowned original IPs and games inspired by anime and manga, Bandai Namco has become one of the reference game publishers in the market, guaranteeing fidelity in its projects and news that appear with each new title. The company, which today is present on all major consoles and on the PC, significantly moves the market with each release and appears as one of the most sought after by the gaming community, investing in award-winning sagas for recent generations of video games.

Check below some of the main titles released by Bandai Namco in recent years.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo Switch exclusive, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate revives the classic Nintendo fighting franchise and includes a series of new characters, bringing new mechanics and dynamics, visuals and in relation to the challenging level design. The game has more than 60 fighters, maps full of references to classics from Big-N, online multiplayer for up to eight players and game modes even more fun.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III ends the classic Bandai Souls trilogy with a golden key, bringing even more beautiful maps, full of secrets, imposing bosses and a challenge that for many can be frustrating, but becomes satisfying as the game progresses. Get ready to hunt for new equipment, build builds with your favorite character, explore threatening scenarios and, above all, learn from mistakes, as each step promises a punishment if you don’t pay attention.

Tales of Arise

Bandai’s latest action RPG, Tales of Arise is the third title in the Tales trilogy and brings a lot of new stuff to open world exploration fans, featuring a living universe, a map full of things to do and amazing biomes, breathtaking combat with skills and combinations of moves, and visuals inspired by anime and watercolor. Discover the story of Alphen and Shionne and discover how they can save the future of their people in this story filled with great moments.


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