3 Altcoin News to Watch 18 September 2020


(September 18, 2020) The Altcoin world examines 3 important news today and the impact of these news on the market. While Yam Finance was on the agenda with its 3rd launch attempt; yearn.finance is preparing for a Maker-based improvement offer for the soon-to-be Wrapped Bitcoin Vault. VeChain will collaborate with the Chinese Animal Health and Food Safety Association.

Yam Finance Announces Transition to V3

Yam Finance, known for its Yield farming implementations, announced the updated V3 migration. Sharing details from their social media accounts, the YAM team announced that they are ready to launch the third version of the protocol. According to the statements this time, the DeFi project YAM plans to offer an experience free of critical bugs and problems in the first releases. According to the statements of the Yam Finance team, the new version successfully passed the audit by PeckShield.

Explaining that the transition to YAMv3 will take place today, Yam Finance team announced that the transition will be made on the basis of one-to-one rate for investors with YAMv2 tokens. Incentives in the YAM / yUSD Uniswap liquidity pool will start on Saturday and the first repayments will be made on Monday.

WBTC Vault Move from Yearn.finance

In the DeFi space, Yearn.finance, the most popular yield farming protocol of recent times, is taking steps with the expected Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Vault to be released soon. Yearn.finance has submitted the MakerDAO Improvement Offer request so that WBTC Vault can access oracle pricing.

This move was interpreted for the WBTC Vault as “the release date might not be too far away”. WBTC Vault, which will be one of the “Vault” projects launched by Yearn.finance to reduce transaction costs, may take its place in the DeFi market much earlier than expected.

VeChain Shakes Hands with the Chinese Animal Health and Food Safety Association (CAFA)

Blockchain-based VeChain, which specializes in supply chain monitoring, announced that it has joined the Animal Health and Food Safety Association of China. With this participation, VeChain rose to the status of councilor of the association and is the only blockchain provider worldwide with such a position.

CAFA, in cooperation with more than 130 companies; Some of these companies are world giants such as Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald’s. In line with the CAFA and VeChain collaboration, VeChain will provide the association with technical assistance in addition to blockchain infrastructure support. A company that is a member of the association, whose name is not disclosed at the moment, has already started using the ToolChain infrastructure offered by VeChain. In the coming days, more members are expected to work closer with VeChain and blockchain technology.


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