2TB Version of PlayStation 5, Frightening Price


The 2 TB PlayStation 5, which is considered sure to come, appeared on an e-commerce site with a very high price tag. Still, the estimates are that the price displayed on the site is a temporary placeholder.

Sony, who recently created a pre-registration page for PSN users who want to pre-order PlayStation 5 early, emphasized the most advanced SSD while explaining the features of the next generation game console. Sony even gave information about the capacity of this SSD and we now know that the PlayStation 5 will come with 825 GB of internal storage.

So, is 825GB storage capacity really enough for PlayStation 5? Considering that even the new generation PlayStation 4 games such as The Last of Us Part II need more than 100 GB of storage space; It is not difficult to predict that an 825 GB PlayStation 5 that will be used for the next 5-6 years can fit a maximum of 6-7 games in the near future.

2 TB PlayStation 5 appeared on a German e-commerce site

It is thought that Sony will also offer a 2 TB PlayStation 5 model for those who find 825 GB of storage space low. Previously, a product page for the 2 TB PlayStation 5 appeared on Amazon, but the page was removed from the publication soon after. Now, the 2 TB PlayStation 5 has appeared on the German e-commerce site Otto.de.

A higher capacity game console will please many gamers, but the 974 euros price shown for the 2TB PlayStation 5 on Otto.de might be a bit of a disappointment. However, Sony is not expected to set such a price tag for PlayStation 5 “regardless of performance”. For this reason, it is highly likely that the price on that page is a placeholder.

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