2PM: How did Taecyeon react to Chansung’s wedding announcement?


Taecyeon and Chansung have spent a lot of time together as part of 2PM, which is why they have more than friendship and they show it by reacting in the best way to the new plans that the maknae has for the future.

2 PM’s Chansung surprised the world with the news that he will get married very soon and will also become a father, the idol has decided to change the course of his life to find a life out of the spotlight and start a great family that will be his happiness.

The 2PM members are no strangers to relationships and by making their love public with someone with whom they have shared great moments, it has long been well known that Taecyeon is in a relationship with a non-idol woman and fans have respected your privacy.

So after spending so much time together as a group, as this K-Pop group debuted in 2008, it is common to realize that 2 PM idols have a close relationship and will support each other in whatever decision they make in life.

Taecyeon had the best reaction to Chansung’s announcement about his upcoming wedding and the birth of their baby, everyone witnessing his best wishes.

Hwang Chansung gave the news of his wedding and the birth of his baby through a handwritten letter he shared on Instagram, before this announcement, thousands of fans supported him, but also Ok Taecyeon, his bandmate who left him a beautiful comment on the photograph of your letter to show all your support.

Our youngest member, Chansung-ie. No matter which path you take, I will always support you and be by your side. I sincerely congratulate you and be happy! Love you.

Awww! So cute, we cry glitter with this cute message that shows all the love that 2 PM idols have for each other.

Both members of 2PM, Tacyeon and Chansung have acted in dramas and the best way to show their support is with visitors and food carts, something that one has done for the other on several occasions, the affection of the idols is visible with these cute actions.

Awww! They are the best, definitely, these 2PM members will always support each other and they show that they have a friendship beyond everything, full of affection and good wishes for each other.

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