2K to Unveil a New Game in August; Would It Be XCOM Marvel?


2K: Take-Two confirmed during a call with investors that its producer 2K Games will unveil a new title later this month in August. The game to be announced belongs to a new franchise, but no other official information was given about it.

Speculators rushed to recall rumors that we would see a Marvel game for 2K at this year’s E3. At the time of the event, rumors were circulating that 2K Games would showcase a Borderlands spin-off and an XCOM-style game based on the Marvel universe. Tiny TIna’s Wonderlands was indeed featured during the producer’s June presentation, but this mysterious second game was not even mentioned.

It is hoped then that this title, under development by Firaxis itself, from the XCOM series. For the timing and month we’re in, we imagine that 2K will show their new game during Gamescom 2021, which starts on August 24th.

It’s also interesting to note that, during the same conversation, Take-Two said that the game to be unveiled this month arrives before the end of the fiscal year. In other words, the game will be available until the end of March 2022, so we should certainly have a lot of information about it after its official unveiling.

Still in the rumors about 2K for Gamescom, it could be that the developer will show a new title from Hangar 13, developer of Mafia 3.


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