2K Tactical RPG Marvel Midnight Suns Announced at Gamescom


Today (25), 2K Games and Firaxis announced Marvel Midnight Suns, a new tactical game with RPG elements that will bring heroes such as Wolverine, Captain America, Blade, Dr. Strange, Iron Man and others against a new threat in greater XCOM style. The game is scheduled to ship in March 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t revealed gameplay (which should appear in September), but there’s already a very stylish movie trailer with Metallica’s Enter Sandman in the background. Check out:

The rumors of a “Marvel XCOM” by the hands of 2K are old and was expected to be announced at E3 (the information was revealed by the insider who hit the name of Tiny Tina Wonderlands, Borderlands spin-off), but only now on Gamescom saw the title appear.

There weren’t many details, but Firaxis described the game as a “tactical RPG” in the Marvel universe, which will feature several comic book heroes, a player-customizable protagonist, and a universe-first villain that was made especially for the game.

Marvel Midnight Suns arrives in March 2022 for all consoles and PCs.


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