2AM’s Seulong had a car accident with terrible …


Seulong was driving his car when he was involved in an accident. The rainy season has begun to affect various parts of the world, generating dangerous conditions that, as in this case, gave way to an accident.

According to reports, Seulong was driving his car during the rain on August 1 when he encountered a pedestrian crossing the street without caution.

Due to the weather conditions, it was impossible for Seulong to avoid contact with the pedestrian, who was hit by the car.

The injuries of the pedestrian who crossed the road recklessly led him to lose his life. Faced with this scenario, the police have begun to investigate the case carefully.

Meanwhile, Seulong was sent home to recover because he suffered a major shock after this event with serious consequences.

Seulong supporters have sent their condolences to the pedestrian family through social media while expressing their wishes that the case be resolved quickly.


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