28 days later, the scariest moment was too extreme for movies


Danny Boyle’s horror film “28 Days Later” about “fast zombies” and its sequel “28 Weeks Later” is one of the most iconic images of the living dead ever to appear on the big screen. more intense than anything movie fans could see.

The action takes place between two films, BOOM! In the studio’s comic 28 Days Later, Selena returns to the UK, hired as a guide by a group of journalists who hope to uncover the origin of the outbreak of the rage virus so that its horrors will never happen again. While the team is quickly killed, Selena can help the survivors get to Edinburgh, where they will again have to fight the true horror of the franchise – other people.

Selena quickly discovers that Edinburgh is now under the rule of former gang leader King Dixon, who is outraged that her group is using the collected supplies, which he considers his property. In chapter 15, “28 Days Later”—from Michael Alan Nelson and Alejandro Aragon—Selena is subjected to a “Mannequin”. This terrifying fate takes the form of a small cage with a red circle drawn in the center. While Selena had seen this structure before, it was only now that she found out about its terrifying purpose: those who upset King Dixon are forced to spend the night in a cage, surrounded by the night terrors of the series. Sympathetic gang member Raj explains that the red circle is the only safe place in the cage, and if any part of Selena crosses it, she will be torn to pieces. Torture gets its name from the fact that only those who can remain motionless, like mannequins, will ever see the morning.

The mannequin is another terrifying example of the plot of the series that normal people can be even more cruel and vicious than “zombies” infected with the rage virus. For a long night, Selena manages to survive, even when she begins to hallucinate under the barrage of horror that surrounds her from all sides. While the films depict many terrifying fates that befell both ordinary people and the bearers of Anger (and initially had a much darker ending), the comic is in no hurry to emphasize the huge psychological losses that this experience entails, and the fact that its unique kind of horror comes from human invention. and not from the uncontrolled violence of the infected.

Like many zombie stories, “28 Days Later” explores what people become under intense pressure, and how they retain or give up their humanity in a suddenly wild world. In the case of comics, the story focuses even more on the threat posed by humans, as a sufficiently large catastrophe pushes the worst people to the top and turns the previously unthinkable into a way of life. Fortunately, Selena was able to pull herself together and escape from King Dixon’s Edinburgh, which means that if there is a sequel in the series “28 days later”, fans will be able to see how the double survivor copes with the world, and not just with the country. – he flew into a rage.