28 August National Volunteers Day


Today, August 28, the day of the person who “commits himself to a job, or takes responsibility for a task, without having to do it” is celebrated: the volunteer, according to the online dictionary Dicio. In this health crisis caused by the coronavirus, the practice received new adherents, who share their comfort with the most needy in countless ways.

In a sea of ​​problems, from different boats, social inequality was catalyzed by the pandemic and volunteering became even more important. The growing demand, however, was duly met by more individuals willing to give up effort and financial resources, without waiting for any return.

More time at home and aware of the difficulties imposed by the pandemic, more people moved voluntary actions over the internet and left their homes to collect resources, serve as a center for food donations and prepare meals for those most in need.

In this scenario for years, Isabel Aiko Takamatsu Silva, 62 and interviewed by the JCNET website, describes how gratifying it is to “do good, without looking at whom”, in several of her solidarity actions such as delivering breakfast kits to Saturdays, fortnightly lunchbox production in several neighborhoods of Bauru, in the interior of the State of São Paulo.

“I do this work with Casa da Sopa and continue with other assignments in the neighborhood and in councils. I think everyone can volunteer, just take an hour out of your day to dedicate yourself to others without expecting anything in return. Many people need help, especially now. And the work is very rewarding ”, describes the lady.

Online volunteering: learn how to help

Those who are not comfortable with exposure to the virus, do good deeds over the internet – this is the initiative of journalist Brenda Chérolet. Volunteer since her high school, being a newsroom tutor in a popular pre-university entrance course, she used her profile on social networks (on Instagram as @bcherolet) to share job openings and offer free review of texts sent to her.

The journalist’s initiative, in turn, meets another evident demand: unemployment. “At the beginning of the pandemic, I saw many people close to me lose their jobs and that touched me,” says the journalist. “[…], I started to think about a way to help raise these people’s self-esteem. That was when I thought about sharing vacancies and courses I saw on the internet ”, he adds.

Will pass!

The actions don’t stop. It is not difficult to find institutions, NGOs, people and profiles on social networks willing to give a little of their time to provide the basics for others. On this National Volunteer Day, TecMundo appreciates the efforts of these individuals and tries to touch the hearts of those who have not yet sought an opportunity to help.

These are difficult months, but we will go through it all together!


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