250 thousand dollar pool table that only 5 people can buy


A special pool table designed for Rolls-Royce owners gives the word of luxury with a price tag of 250 thousand dollars. The table decorated with crystal stones and 14-carat gold can be used as a dining table if desired.

Being rich, even if everyone dreams, only a small number of people can fill the word ‘really’ rich. As the Webtekno team, we are transferring some special products that can only be produced by the real rich from time to time, and now we are here once again with such a product.

The product we will talk about is a pool table with a Rolls-Royce theme. This pool table, which is produced only 5 pieces, is worth 250 thousand dollars. So, what exactly does this pool table, which appeals to the rich, offers consumers and why is it so expensive? If you wish, let’s take a look at the details of the 250 thousand dollar pool table without further lengthening.

That pool table worth 250 thousand dollars
Aiming for Rolls-Royce owners, this custom-made pool table has a black-colored plexi panels and a design with 14-carat gold plates. The table has crystals placed throughout its length, LED lighting and completely unique special balls. For this reason, this special pool table differs from ordinary pool tables with millions of examples.

The only skill of this 250 thousand dollar pool table is not that it can be used as a classic pool table. So much so that people who have the opportunity to have this pool table will be able to use the pool table for table tennis. In addition, the owners of the table can turn the pool table into a dining table if they want.

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It is not known whether this pool table, which is completely built for luxury enthusiasts, will really be bought. However, when we think that this pool table focuses on the Rolls-Royce owners, we can say that this pool table can also follow.


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