$ 24,000 electric car leaves Tesla behind in China


Carmaker Tesla is finding it more difficult than it expected in the Chinese market. After being questioned for failures in cars produced in the country, now the manufacturer has started to be outperformed in sales by a local company.

The new rival is the Hong Guang Mini EV model, owned by state-owned automaker SAIC Motor, created from a GM sub-brand. It has even been preferred for its price: 28,800 yuan, equivalent to R $ 24,100 reais, with a slightly more expensive version that comes with air conditioning.

According to the BBC, in January 2021, the Chinese vehicle sold twice as much as Tesla – even though it was surpassed by the rival in technical terms, such as maximum speed and even battery life. The difference is the value, since the Model 3 costs up to 250,000 yuan (about R $ 209 thousand) in the region.

In the first seven months of sale, 127,651 units were sold, with the curve that started at the end of last year continues to increase.

The model has been sold in the country since July last year and focuses not only on the economy, but also on convenience for use in urban spaces and short commutes, such as commuting to and from work. An expansion to Europe in partnership with automakers in the region is already considered.

The covid-19 pandemic hampered the expansion of the electric car market in China, but overcoming the time of greatest crisis has rekindled the sector.

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