24 series that will end in 2021! Details


The year 2020 was a period in which several TV programs ended up suffering delays, postponements and even cancellations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many stories were interrupted, without a deserved outcome for the fans.

Unlike the series that will be listed here, which managed to survive 2020, however, will reach their finals in 2021.

These are programs that have been canceled by broadcasters and streaming platforms, but have still managed to complete their last episodes, or will simply reach the end of their stories, without the need for a new season.

Check out the list with 24 series that will end in 2021:


Atypical was renewed by Netflix in February 2020 and will have its 4th and final season debuting on the platform in 2021, with 10 episodes.

Baroness Von Sketch Show

The Canadian series would come to an end in 2020, however, it added 5 extra episodes to its concluding season, which will begin airing in February 2021.

Better Call Saul

Lawyer Saul Goodman’s series comes to an end with its last 13 episodes in 2021, 3 more than the usual 10 each season.

Black Lightning

On February 8, the CW will premiere the 4th and final season of the superhero series Black Lightning.


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