24-hour technology-free site will pay $ 2,400


The Reviews.org website identified that we are spending too much time looking at screens – be it from the covid-19 pandemic, which generated meetings and distance classes, to the very evolution of technologies, which extended the time we spent online, looking at the computer , TV or cell phone.

Therefore, the page launched a challenge that is a kind of “detox” of the digital world: it will choose volunteers living in the United States or Australia to spend 24 hours without screens and technologies in general, receiving as a reward the value of US $ 2 , 4 thousand (about R $ 13.2 thousand in direct currency conversion).

To meet the challenge, the person must disconnect completely, except in cases of emergency. This means putting aside the use of cell phones, TVs, consoles, computers, smart watches and home devices connected via the Internet of Things for a whole day.

All of them must be stored in a kind of safe sent by the organizers. Essential services, such as a microwave oven, are available as long as they are completely offline.

The chosen

Whoever is selected by the site will have 14 days to choose the date of the challenge, organizing the times so as not to miss classes or services, for example. The person will still have to send some proof of the lack of screen time later, all in the form of usage detection software installed on the devices.

Aside from the cash prize, the person gets a $ 200 Amazon gift card to make a “technology-free kit” that helps you pass the time, with board games, a painting kit and physical books.

It is possible to register on Reviews.org until March 26, 2021. Registration is only for those who have a work visa and live in the USA or Australia, being over 18 years old. Those selected will be featured in a video on the organization’s YouTube channel until March 29.


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