24-hour pharmacy with delivery: how to order medicines at Rappi by PC

Ordering medicines in pharmacies 24 hours with home delivery is possible through Rappi, online delivery service. The resource is ideal for people who are in voluntary quarantine due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus or have some mobility difficulties. The platform allows users to choose products to receive their purchases at the door.

Payments can be made through a PayPal account or by credit card. In the following tutorial, check out how to use the Rappi delivery service website to shop at pharmacies 24 hours a day and receive products at home.

Step 1. Access the Rappi website (www.rappi.com.br) and click on the option “Login”;

Step 2. The site allows access using a phone number or, as in this example, using the “Sign in with Facebook” button;

Step 3. Click on the “Continue as” button to login to the service;

Step 4. Click on your city in the list offered by the service;

Step 5. Enter your address and click on the corresponding result;

Step 6. Enter the details of your address and inform if it is for home, company or other;

Step 7. Click on the “Pharmacy 24h” box to view the list of pharmacies available on the platform;

Step 8. Click on one of the pharmacies to see the list of available products;

Step 9. Rest the mouse pointer over a product and click “Add” so that the item is placed in the shopping basket;

Step 10. Click on the product again to add more units to your order;

Step 11. When you finish your purchase, click on the shopping basket icon at the top right of the screen;

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Step 12. At that moment, click on the “Will pay” button to proceed to the payment details;

Step 13. You will need to define a payment method. To do this, click on “Select the payment method;

Step 14. Enter your credit card details and select “Confirm” to continue;

Step 15. To finalize the order, click on the “Place order” button.



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