23-year-old Victoria Lamas Is “Amazed” by Leonardo DiCaprio, Father Lorenzo Lamas Sheds Light on Peering


Actress Victoria Lamas likes Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, but they are not dating. No matter how contradictory this statement may sound, Victoria’s father, Lorenzo Lamas, elaborated on the status of his daughter’s dates. The Titanic actor is notorious for dating women much younger than him. However, after his breakup with his last girlfriend Camila Morrone, there were rumors that DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid were also dating. However, recent reports suggest otherwise. But the question remains about Victoria Lamas’ affair with Leonardo DiCaprio.


This actress born in 1999 Victoria Lamas is 23 years old, and she is reportedly dating DiCaprio. She is known for her roles in such films as “The Last Thing the Earth Said”, “Let’s Talk Later”, “Two Nines” and others. The actor from Shuttle Island, known in the industry for his dating history, is now friends with the 23-year-old actress, and her father sheds light on their relationship. Let’s take a closer look at Lorenzo Lamas’ thoughts on relationships.

Does Lorenzo Lamas approve of Leonardo DiCaprio?

During his interview, Lamas admitted that he did not know how they met, but his daughter really liked DiCaprio. The young actress seems to be amazed, as she really likes the Titanic actor. Her father shared what he made his daughter understand in an interview. He advised his daughter to treat the relationship as a holiday. She can enjoy as much as she wants, as long as it lasts. But once this is over, she needs to take care of her heart. Papa Lamas also joked about Victoria’s feelings for the 48-year-old actor.

After the intervention of his daughter, Lorenzo returned to the interview, saying that they were just friends. However, Victoria Lamas loved the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor. But they weren’t the subject. She wanted to keep it a secret because it wouldn’t be nice to see her name printed with an actor during a debate about their personal lives.

While it made sense that the two weren’t dating, Lorenzo’s dual support made it a little suspicious. However, the 23-year-old actress and the actor “The Beginning” did not have a serious relationship.

Do you think their constant involvement in each other would lead them to a date? Do you think Victoria Lamas has a potential relationship? Share your opinion with us in the comment box below.


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