22% of French people say they flirt in their toilets!


Wiko revealed that 22% of French people flirt with their phone … On the toilet! A funny information that we explain to you here!

Unusual info about the French! According to a study by phone giant Wiko, 22% of them flirt online on their toilet!

If dating sites had a really bad image a few years ago, now they are very popular with singles! Wiko therefore looked into the subject by doing a study!

Thus, the brand was able to see the habits of single French people using dating platforms. And first observation: 57% of them prefer to connect with their smartphone on these sites!

A hell of a score that shows how essential the telephone is to our lives … Subsequently, Wiko wondered about the behavior of the French when they flirt online!

We have therefore learned that 25% of French people prefer to wear pajamas! Very important comfort for flirting?


If you are a fan of dating sites, this info will surprise or disgust you … Indeed, it is very likely that you have already spoken with someone who was on the toilet during your exchanges!

Eh yes ! Still according to Wiko, 22% of French people use the toilet! A large percentage anyway!

Less funny info, 10% of respondents admitted to connecting to these sites next to their spouses … Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Finally, the smartphone brand took an interest in how the French go about flirting. Text messages take first place with 54%, then calls with 19% responses, video for their part collect a small score of 15% … Finally, photo exchanges are not popular with 12% responses!

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