22 games and applications are free on the Play Store for a short time!


There’s a big opportunity for Android users: 22 games and apps are now free on the Play Store for a limited time!


Although we are very keen on the free games distributed by Epic Games, there is also the mobile aspect of the business. The Play Store also encourages developers from time to time, allowing some games and applications to be free. The paid apps you need on your phone may be on this list!

22 apps are free for a short time on the Play Store

We can say that there is a festive atmosphere in the Play Store right now. While many apps and games are free in the store, many apps are also discounted. So even if you don’t like free games and apps, you can buy the apps you need at a discount. If you have a paid app in mind, don’t forget to check if it’s on sale.

Free apps:

  • notes
  • rotation
  • SMS Auto Reply – Autoresponder- Auto SMS Messages
  • Video Speed ​​Controller Pro
  • BabyBook Journal – Baby Tracker & Newborn Diary
  • AFinance
  • 80s Music Radio Pro
  • 90s Music Radio Pro
  • Fractions Math Pro
  • Matrix Determinant Pro

Free games:

  • Infinite Launch
  • Chess from Kindergarten to Grandmaster
  • Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator
  • Stroop Effect Test: Challenge your Brain
  • [VIP]Coin Princess: Offline Retro RPG Quest
  • Escape Balls : The Premium Survival Game
  • Defense Warrior Premium: Castle Battle Offline
  • [VIP]Infinity Dungeon: Offline RPG Adventure
  • [VIP]Missile Dude RPG : Offline tap tap hero
  • Save The Puka Pro:2D Platform Games Adventure Game
  • The Weapon King VIP – Making Legendary Swords

Remember, these apps and games are free for a limited time and there is no general date. In other words, while you are reading this news, some of the applications may have become paid again.


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