217 New Emoji Introduced In The Upcoming Months


Unicode Consortium, the organization where new emojis are evaluated, introduced 217 emojis that will be available in the coming months. Only 7 of these emojis were completely new emojis.

With the internet coming under everyone’s hands, people started to use statements as well as texts to express their feelings, thoughts or any situation. Just before the 2000s, expressions that we call ’emoji’, that we draw eyes, lips and mouths on yellow circle heads, emerged.

There are too many emojis today that we cannot count. The most important organization that present these emojis is known as Unicode Consortium. Unicode Consortium evaluates new emoji presentations and paves the way for emojis to enter our world in the light of certain criteria.

217 new emojis are coming:

Here, Unicode Consortium has recently introduced new emojis that will enter our lives in a new blog post published today. According to the article, with the Emoji 13.1 update, a total of 217 new emoji have joined our lives. Only 7 of these emojis are emojis we haven’t seen before. The remaining 210 emojis were versions of existing emojis with skin color changed.

The new emojis approved by the Unicode Consortium were named ‘Burning Heart’, ‘Healing Heart’, ‘Bearded Woman’, ‘Bearded Person’, ‘Breathing Face’, ‘Face in Clouds’ and ‘Helical-Eyed Face’. The remaining 210 emojis are versions of the emojis that contain more than one person, with skin color changed.

Although we gained 7 emojis with the new update, normally no emoji would be released in 2021. Because the Unicode Consortium delayed the annual Unicode Standard release for six months due to COVID-19. The version, normally scheduled to be released in March 2021, will be with us in September 2021. In other words, operating systems will only start using the Unicode 14.0 update at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

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According to the statement made by the Unicode Consortium, the new emojis we saw above will begin to show themselves on the devices and platforms we use in the coming months. You can share what you think about new emojis in the comments section.


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